“Private Manning’s Humiliation”

When several hundred of the nation’s leading legal academics protest against how the imprisoned soldier Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked secret documents to WikiLeaks, is treated in prison, such a protest cannot be ignored.

With law professors such as Bruce Ackerman at Yale and Yochai Benkler of Harvard in the lead, over 250 scholars around the United States protested. Their petition is published in the latest issue of New York Review of Books under the headline “Private Manning’s Humiliation”.

His reported treatment is contrary to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the petitioners call for the Obama administration to put Manning on trial to determine his guilt, but, until then, treat him in prison in accordance with the Constitution.

The signatories also call on President Obama directly, as a moral leader and former law professor, to address the issue and demand from the Pentagon to publicly document the reasons for the extraordinary actions against Manning, and to immediately end those extraordinary actions “that cannot withstand the light of day.”

We’ll see if they get a response. They should, but it is not certain.


2 thoughts on ““Private Manning’s Humiliation”

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