A lonely leftist in today’s debate

America is becoming increasingly unequal. The rich are becoming richer and pay less in taxes, the middle class and the poor are finding life increasingly more difficult.

“America the Unequal,” wrote Michael Tomasky recently on The Daily Beast.

Tomasky, however, is somewhat of a lonely voice in today’s American political and economic debate, dominated by the Republicans and its tea party-wing. The Republican Party has so far stubbornly rejected any and all talk of revenue enhancement, although Americans in general seem to understand that an agreement on a budget and the country’s finances must include tax increases, according to all opinion polls.

At a time when the conservative voices dominate the political and economic debate, it may be appropriate to strike a blow for one of the few true leftist voices in the U.S. Congress, the independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. He calls himself a democratic socialist. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he moved as an adult to Vermont and was elected and re-elected mayor of Burlington and served 16 years in the House of Representatives in Washington before elected senator in 2006.

Sanders gave a great speech in the Senate the other day, called “Dear Mr. President.” It is well worth listening to, for what he said is oh so rare in today’s debate.


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