Obama’s revenge

The mood was one of sweet revenge when President Obama gave his speech at the White House correspondents’ dinner last night — a traditional evening when Washington’s leading journalists and politicians and, in recent years, lots of stars from Hollywood, all get together, and when the President tries to be funny.

And Obama was funny, very funny. And a bit edgy…

He joked with himself and his birth certificate released this week, he was joking, with the Republicans and particularly with the potential Republican presidential candidates, many of whom were present at the dinner.

Like Donald Trump, who, Obama suggested, now could devote himself to really important things like – “did we really land on the moon?” Like Michele Bachmann. How can she run for president — I have heard that she was born in Canada?  Yes, Michele, that’s how it starts…

Watch yourselves!

Everyone is not fond of this kind of evening, which has almost become like a Washington Oscars gala, with pre-parties and after-parties, and television interviews on the red carpet, and star comedians, like Seth Meyers from “Saturday Night Live,” as a keynote speaker.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who is not funny, thinks the whole thing has gone too far in an article in today’s paper entitled “Journalists Gone Wild”.  Journalists should not rub shoulders in this extravagant way with people they are assigned to cover. Just look at my own newspaper, he writes, which had invited Donald Trump as guest at the Post’s table despite earlier in the week sharply criticizing Trump for his role in the issue of the President and his birth certificate.

“Awkward,” writes Milbank, and abstained from the party.