More and more Americans are overweight

It may not be particularly surprising to Europeans that Americans are fat. You see them all the time on vacation in every country in Europe.

But the fact that almost 70 percent of adult Americans are overweight or obese is a shocker. And the fact that one third of all American children are overweight or obese is an even greater shocker.

The new figures from a study by the Institute of Medicine have created a stir, especially the fact that one third of American kids born in 2000 is expected to become diabetic in their lifetime. Obesity now costs America $190 billion a year.

Something needs to be done, it is said. But it’s been said many times before and all the indications are that the crisis is just getting worse.

Situation is most serious in the South and at its worst in the state of Mississippi, where 34.5 percent of the population is overweight. Here are the numbers!

In another for America gloomy report, the United States came in 25th place in world ranking over countries where it’s best and worst to become a mother. It is best in Norway, with Iceland in second and Sweden in third place, and worst in Niger in Africa, with Afghanistan second worst, according to Save the Children’s new mothers’ index ranking.